Cardboard box and crate conveyor line


Ligne de convoyage cartons et caisses

On the strength of its experience as a designer and manufacturer of machines for the agri-food industry, SYSTEM notably develops specialised systems, including a transportation solution to improve handling and internal logistics on any kind of production site.

Transporting light loads is generally associated with strict demands in terms of rate and functionality, which can only be satisfied by perfectly integrating all the components in the line. SYSTEM proposes a continuous-flow transportation unit which is scalable according to the needs for growth forecast by the users.

This custom-made line offers a number of advantages including: reliability, low maintenance, reduced operational cost, scalability, durability and good ergonomics. Each machine can be individually designed according to the production space. Our solution enables significant improvements in productivity, product follow-up and handling. Moreover, each crate can be equipped with an RFID ‘smart chip’ allowing each stage of the process to be tracked, in particular the transporting of crates towards the production workshops and/or shipping areas.

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