SYSTEM has manufactured agri-food machines since 1999

The solutions developed by SYSTEM, a company based in Deux-Sèvres in France, are designed to meet the problems faced by agri-food industries in terms of productivity, traceability, handling and management of cold-air distribution.

Since Jérôme and Stéphanie LIBNER first created SYSTEM in 1999, the company has gone from strength to strength, responding to recurring problems in the industry. After subcontracting mechanics and welding, SYSTEM is now a designer and manufacturer of industrial machinery, and more broadly for the agri-food industry.




Our History

Adaptability, humility, attentiveness and performance: SYSTEM’s strong points!


How did SYSTEM come to supply equipment to renowned members of the agri-food industry?
A review of the company’s history:


During the first 10 years the company’s principal activity was based on subcontracting mechanics and welding.

System - 1999
System - 2010

SYSTEM started to specialise in the design and manufacture of specialist machinery for the agri-food industry.

Structuration de l'entreprise

The business set up 2 design offices, one dedicated to pure mechanics and the other to automation. One team is dedicated to machine installation and full line installation etc., and the other specialises in after-sales service etc. The factory which has seen a 50% rise in its total payroll!

System - 2010-2015
System - 2011
Acquisition of ‘SM3A’’s expertise

The company ‘SM3A’ manufactured ice-cream log machines, process lines, automatic palletisation lines, control lines and unit packaging lines. Although the company had taken over ‘APPERCE’, a specialist in agri-food industry machinery based in Parthenay (France) in 1994, they ceased their own activity in 2011. However, Jérôme LIBNER knew the company well after working as their production manager for 4 years, and he bought the business’s knowledge and expertise. He worked on the company’s customer files in order to continue the investments made over the past 40 years.

SYSTEM has around 20 employees

SYSTEM upholds the values of a family business; we train, guide, specialise and develop careers. We challenge turnover!
SYSTEM is moving into the international market,
with brochures now available in English
SYSTEM is increasing its visibility by participating in
agri-food industry trade shows
SYSTEM is venturing into new domains and sharing
a video on its know-how

System - 2016

Our business lines

SYSTEM has 4 business lines at the service of the agri-food industry!

From automated pallet box storage to stacker cranes, SYSTEM designs, produces and installs automated custom-made solutions for companies wanting to improve productivity, profitability and safety.


SYSTEM designs production machines 
SYSTEM manufactures production machines
SYSTEM installs and launches the machines on the production site.
SYSTEM provides quality after-sales service for products delivered to clients’ agri-food production sites.


Two design offices dedicated to developing technical solutions and designing custom-made industrial machinery!
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With a workshop of more than 2500m² and fifteen or so qualified workers, SYSTEM is well equipped and ready to go!
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SYSTEM is a reliable partner from design to installation. Everything is a matter of control!
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Who better to respond to a breakdown than the machine designer themselves? Moreover, we consider that after-sales service is our duty to our clients.
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